March 6, 2011 –

Why is it that we Americans have to have someone to hate? I mean the only time we band together is to band against someone else. It’s like watching a dysfunctional family. Who will we hate this week kids? Doesn’t anyone else get tired of it? Doesn’t it get exhausting? We hate the blacks, the whites, the Jews, the Gentiles, the Arabs, the Persians, the Chinese, the Japanese, etc. The list goes on forever. I had someone once tell me that the only time they ever saw this country come together as one was after a disaster. But i told them that that was incorrect too. After 9-11 we came together alright. As in everyone who was not Arab came together. We became a mass mob; a giant bully attacking people left and right who looked like they were people who hurt the country. But I’m supposed to look fondly back at that period with reverence. Sorry, i pick disgust. We can’t even come together after natural disasters. First you’ve got everybody included celebrities that claim to have a college educations, Kanye West, no matter how limited. Telling the American public, “I’m sorry children George Bush hated black people”. Good job with the unity Mr. West you did an outstanding job.

Now we just hate anyone who has a different life style. If they would rather love a person of the same sex then they are obviously bad. We must criminalize it. Do you have any idea how ignorant you sound? Not just ignorant but intolerant. I’m half waiting for people to pull out their pitch forks and torches. I admire that so many celebrities have come together to stop bullying. It really says a lot, but what would say more is if we could show the children that they don’t have to bully. You’re not going to change people’s lifestyles when what they see at home, school, and on TV are people getting hurt and killed because their different. We are training these children to be like that. An example, the really awful live action movie The Last Airbender, (sorry to pick on this one but it’s already on my shit list for being so inaccurate). In the animated TV show Katara and Sokka are Natives, Aang is White, Toph is Chinese, and Zuko is Japanese. Somehow in the movie Katara, Sokka, and Aang, the main heroes are all white and Zuko and Uncle Iroh or Middle Eastern.  Not only was there serious lack of diversity among the cast, but the villains are people who this country persecutes daily. It doesn’t teach children tolerance when all they see in the world is injustice.

How can we expect children to act mature when adults don’t? If you want to stop bullying it’s going to have to start with changing the hearts and minds of the adults. After all, we’re the most stubborn and we have a direct influence over the younger generations. Of course, children are going to be bully people that are different when their constantly told to conform or suffer the consequences. And what I’ve notice is that people that bully are the ones who are the most different or trying the hardest to conform. And to take the pressure off them, they pick on other people. And there the cycle begins. If you want to stop the cycle, stop putting so much pressure on children to turn out perfectly. If the celebrities wanted to help, they wouldn’t just do commercials saying stop bullying. They would do commercials like the above the influence commercials. Ones that show how to be different and still be cool. One’s that high light individuality. That is how you can help these children.  Think about it, when you were a child which worked better: your parents saying don’t do this because it’s wrong or you seeing what that bad behavior would cost you. Example, “Don’t touch the stove” you touch it anyway. “Ouch” you never touch it again. Simple logic. Now we still need to be told not to do it, but a why not is always helpful.

Since we are the most educated nations in the world, we should have a higher maturity level than third graders. We should not spend all of our time and energy fighting each other. We should have learned our lesson after Vietnam. Let me explain the link in case you missed it. During the Vietnam War, the Viet Kong used footage of the race riots, student protest, and prison rights movements to train their troops on how to cause infighting amongst the US troops. And it worked. They would shoot all the white men in the group sending only the black ones back to cause hostility in the trenches. This way we were fighting on both fronts. This coupled with a lot of other reasons are why we lost that war.

By now we really should have figured out we need to stand together entirely not just against people.  It makes me sad that we haven’t. It disappoints me and it makes me concerned for the fate of this country. And for the next group we target our anger and hatred toward. We need to understand that differences are what make this country great. Nowhere in the world will you be able to find a group this vast and this different that isn’t enslaving each other. We need to start acting like the role models we profess to be. And as always the change has to start at home, in more ways than one. It would move my heart to see this country do a real version of pay it forward without the epically sad death at the end. Do a random act of kindness and be tolerant toward people who are different from you. Trust me it’s the best way to learn about yourself and others because I would be really surprised if they were really all that different at all.