October 12, 2010 – 1:51

I have not posted in a while. I guess I’ve been busy with my life. But I have chosen to stop and take time out now to remember and celebrate. There are many things I wish to talk about. Many topics that are worthy of a full discussion from the mosque in New york to Columbus day. But none of those topics speak to me right now, as the one of death and rebirth.

I lost a dear family member yesterday. He was a young child and much loved by the entire family. His loss impacts all of us to the deepest parts of our souls. He fought diligently till the end of his life bring nothing but joy and hope to his darling parents and brother. I am proud to have been related to him, met him, and to have known him. He was a wonderful little boy whose courage was unsurpassable. His life was a hard one. Surgery after, surgery but it was such a powerful story. He lived his life in the arms of a family that would have ran on hot coals to help him. He is an inspiration to me.

Everyone has lost a family member at some point. It is a difficult thing to go through for those who were closes and for those who love the ones in such pain. Having never lost a child, I can not empathize with that pain. But I can with the loss of a brother. When I was five, I lost my little brother. I don’t remember much about the situation other than being extremely sad and worried. I loved him so much. He was less than a year old, when he died but in his brief time here he made a huge impact on our family. I still carry his funeral program with me because I never want to forgot that I carry him in my spirit. Jaden lived longer than my brother did, which is a blessing because I know that he touched the hearts of so many more people even though his time here was brief. He will remain forever in our hearts and spirits. We will all carry him with us in our souls. This poem is dedicated to him and the family.

The Evening Sky

For every child that is lost

The ocean rises

from all the tears being shed

For every soul released

We can feel the peace

As they go home to rest

But as they look down

on all of us, they shed a tear

not out of sadness

but of gratitude

for the time they spent here.

We see the tear, that they shed

every single night.

As we look into the sky

It is the brightest light.

The one we call, the Northern star.

It is their love made manifested

so that we can see.

And has been our guide throughout the centuries.

their love is shown in the brightness of that star.

So don’t dismay or cry

because their love is always present

in the evening sky.