I love you. I know those are three words that people say to often. So much so that they have lost their meaning. So I want to tell you what I mean when I say I love you.  I love the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh. I love the way your smile lights up a room and my heart. I love the way you look at me when you think i’m not watching.

I love the way you kiss me gently touching my hair with your hand . The way you pull me in closer to you. The way your body smells as I place my head on your chest. The way it feels to have your arms wrapped around my waist. The thought shoots chills up my spine. I love the mere though of you. The knowledge that one day you will be mine and mine alone.

I love the way you kill spiders for me, even though your afraid of them. I love the way your willing to watch movies you know you’ll hate to make me happy when i’m having a rough day. I love that you want to protect me. I love the way my name sounds on your lips. I love your eyes. Oh your eyes.  When I look deep into them I see how much you love me. That you trust me with your heart. I see an ocean of pain that can help I heal.

And I hope that in my eyes you see how much I love you. I hope that when you think of me you see that my heart aches from longing to be by your side.  And I hope that aching brings you to my arms sooner. I know that our love is real. I know that it is eternal and that nothing can keep it apart. I know that you will complete me. And together we will be the embodiment of love. For this I will wait. I will wait until I am old and grey. I will wait a thousand life times for your love. For the happiness that we will create together. I know this because every night you come to me in my dreams. You kiss my forehead and tell me that I am loved. And for that I would wait an eternity.