We are Sin


I sit upon a Golden Throne, looking down on my subjects. They look at me: Queen. Perfect in every way. They watch me, knowing I make no mistakes. I am Vanity! I am mother of all sin. Speak, Children!


Red, Hot, Fury!!! I cannot be tamed. I have been sparked and you fear me! When I come, you will know and run. When I am near, you scamper in horror of my fury. My rage is so dreadful that no one will cross me. Wrath I am and fear me you shall.


Dark, long, raven hair blowing in the wind, my eyes, ever so jade. To you I am perfect. You wish you were me. I have what you want and it eats you alive. Envy me, please. Iago said it best, “I doth mock the meat I feed on.”


Lay me down upon soft green grass and bid me not be moved. Bring me joy and keep away sorrow. I desire no work, only play. Why a sin you ask? That answer is easily told: Satan does find mischief for my idle hands. Sloth am I. Lazy, you will say.


Food!!! Give me pastries, cakes, cookies galore. Feed me! Feed me! I…Want…More. They say I am one who digs my grave with my teeth. I say, I am Gluttony and no more.


It has been said want of me is the root of all evil. I beg to differ. Greed, Avarice, oh, so many names. I only want. I don’t steal: I just don’t share. Evil, they say. I say beautiful, golden, kingly, dear. For it is not my fault I am the easiest to be near.


Imagine the face that launched a thousand ships. It can only bow down to mine. Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty, gets tips from me. I am passion, desire, your obsession. I leave a trail of pain and broken hearts in my wake. I am Lust.


My children, my children, how lovely are they? The most deadly of sins, and we have come to stay.