Hi Everyone. I know it has been a long time since i’ve posted. And i’m hoping to change that. I make no promises though, but I will make a much better effort. Now a lot has happened in this past year. At least emotionally i’ve been thought a lot. But today i’m writing about the most unexpected topic. Ready?! Dieting! I know your shocked. I kinda am too. But the truth is i’m horribly overweight, and that’s not just my low self-esteem talking. It’s also my doctor. Now I was trying this diet called the Eat to Live by Dr. Furhman. And in the first week I lost 5lbs but the second week I lost nothing and by the time the third week got here I was all the way off the wagon. Thank you Superbowl sunday.

This past week has been me binge eating and being sick. With the combinations I was expecting my weight gain to be through the roof, but it wasn’t. I have not gained that five pounds back. Which made me think two things. One to go back on the previous vegan diet. You read right vegan. No meat, not diary. No oils. No fats. No salts. Have to eat mainly green leafy veggies and fruits. Now i love salads, but every day twice a day? not so much. So the second thought occurred to me. Why don’t I try a different one. That’s when I watched on Hayle Pomroy on Dr. Oz say that dieting slows your metabolism down. And I did notice when I would allow myself to cheat. Anytime I would have anything on the restricted list I would become sleepy after eating. To me that’s not a good sign. And since her book isn’t out yet. I’ve decided to find an equilibrium between the Dr. Furhman, H. Pomroy, and Myself. I’m going to try some new things out. I’m going to outline them on here.

First off, I need to find a support group. I need someone who will tell me to get back on it when I fall off. Someone who I will actually listen to if they say i’m being lazy. Someone who can help motivate me and is reasonable.

I need someone who will tell me it’s ok to have a cheat day every once in a while. Some one who will be supportive and rational. Some one who will continue to encourage me while I try this new way of life.

Now those two can come from the same person or completely different people, but the most important thing is that I have a sponsor. Now this is the person I call when I want to quit. They need to have gone through this. They need to not be judgement or pushy just able to talk to me about my goals and what I want. They need to be able to reason with me. This is a critical crucial thing. If I feel like i’m being pressured i’ll quit. If i feel like someones expectations are to high i’ll quit so this step is essential.

Next I will need to start this immediately. Not tomorrow or on sunday or monday. Not in two weeks right now. Now is all that is promised and if I die tomorrow I want to have been trying to do something about my weight. My current weight is 225. Goal weight is 145lb. Height is 5’4. Goal for the end of Feb. is to lose 5lbs.

Lets get started on the first step. And if you can think of any good tips. Not how to lose weight fast tips but life change tips feel free to leave them. Here I go!