What is the first step to weight loss? What is the first step to change honestly? Is it making the plan? Cause i’m excellent at plan making. Is it coming up with the concept? Cause I can do that in my sleep. NO. I honestly, believe the first step to changing your life is to get up and do it. I know that seems common sense. It probably even seems like it’s a real no brainier  but thing about it. How many times have you told yourself you were going to do something that really needed to get done? Then got to busy and forgot about it to the last minute.

I”m sure that’s happened to you countless times. I know its happened to me more than I can count. People say that it’s because we just don’t want it enough. People say that it’s because we’re afraid of failing. But I say it has little to do with desire and everything to do with fear. Fear of succeeding  I know i’ve already talking on this point, but its a big one. And it’s going to be central to my weight loss, career goals, and desires. I’m not afraid of failing. To be quite honest, It’s the only thing I know I do well. After all, If you don’t try you fail by default. And for some reason I’ve become comfortable there. Comfortable believing that this is where i’m meant to be. A nobody. Someone who had mountains of potential but just couldn’t make it in the real world. My tombstone will read, “Here lies a woman who was a jack of all trades and a master of none.” In other words she just couldn’t commit to her life. She couldn’t commit to life. She couldn’t commit. She couldn’t. She.

She. That is the most important part of that sentence because its the only part I cannot change. My first step will be to use more powerful and uplifting language. She can commit to her life. She can commit to her desire. She will write a book. She will loose the weight. She will have a successful career. She will be the best version of her she can be. She will. I will. I think the first step in committing to change is committing to yourself. Realizing that you owe yourself everything, the best of everything. That you owe yourself whatever your hearts desire. Then going after it. Make a routine. And when the enemy’s of improve me pop up; exhaustion, fear, busyness, ect. You will know how to combat them. If you can learn to believe that you are worth the effort, and that this isn’t a chore it’s the beginning of the life you’ve always wanted. Regardless of how long it takes to get there. The first, second, and last step will always to commit to yourself. To believe in yourself. And to never give up on you. Your the only you, you’ve got.