My heart skips a beat at the mere sight of his silhouette.

It’s as if my heart has a mind of it’s own. As I  remind myself to breathe, I try to remain calm.

But then he smiles and the void in my heart, in my spirit is filled.

All of the sudden i’m smiling a true smile. One that I can’t stop.

A smile that brings with it this overwhelming sense of joy. It creeps up very slowly, but when it’s full It’s as if my heart is too.

I have a heart again.

And it’s happy. So happy I have to look away. Still smiling, still blushing.

All he did was look at me and my world changed. I feel right again. I feel wanted.

And I never want the feeling to end.

But it will.

You see we are from different worlds, he and I.

Mine, well adjust and full of plans for a brighter future. While his is a moment to moment kind of world yet I find myself dancing in it.

Twirling in the beauty as the moonlit sky beats down on me barefoot in my pink sundress and him in his tux. As we dance in the grass,

listening to the sounds of the night, to the wind in the trees. To the world we share.

We are our very own Romeo and Juliet. A forbidden love.

Every breathe is like a new life and every second is an eternal bliss. It is a pure rush of adrenaline filled happiness.

What will become of us? Our feelings? Are they true or a product of forbidden desires? Part of me wants to know.

But most of me just wants to stay in this feeling. Never moving. Never changing. Remaining forever as happy as I feel now.

I know I can’t,

I will have to return to my own world soon

But for now I will live in this feeling as if it will last forever.