As I approach the lovely milestone of 25, I find myself reflecting.  Opening a mental time capsule and sitting down to remissness. Remembering a different time when I knew exactly what my life had in store for me. When up was up and right was indisputable. When I just had all the answers to life’s questions. Remember a time when I told myself that by this point in my life I would be somewhere. I would be somebody. As I close my eyes and remember her ;the super sweet and naive woman child who thought she could predict her own future. I smile. I smile at the fact that I was wrong. Completely wrong. And because of that I have had such an amazing journey.

I use to think I was letting her down. Because I was chasing these ideas of what life was suppose to be like. Chasing these ideal hopes. Putting faith in people that have done nothing but fail me. While pushing away the ones that matter the most. The one’s who have the greatest impact on my life. Hiding behind the delusion that I know more and therefore am better than because I have right on my side. Living in this obscure land where justice is the ruler. Standing for justice. Standing for hope. Standing on all these ideals.

At the end of the day, It doesn’t matter what you stand for. It just matters that you stand. It doesn’t matter if your right. It just matters that you have beliefs. I believe that the younger me is proud. I’m not successful. I’m not married. I don’t have any children. And my happiness is a work in progress. But I never stopped learning. For the me, the pursuit of knowledge and justice are cornerstones of my personality. And I am proud that so many years and experiences later that hasn’t changed. But I am grateful that I have. Watching myself evolve has been a worth while experience. And I look forward to knowing me 25 years from now. <3