The world is a confusing place, full of broken promises and unfilled dreams.

We, the people who created this dystopia, are plagued with images of our discarded loves. Loves we threw away reaching for a stronger, more powerful high. Loves we let go of because it didn’t seem worth the work. Loves we despised due to our own lack of depth.

We, the products of neglected passion, have grown into bitter things. Things because we lack the heart, soul, and creativity of the people we were destined to become. Never growing into ourselves because being “accepted” was more tantalizing.

The world is a confusing place, full of misteps and misdirection; in it we make mistakes, come to erroneous conclusion, and commit felonious acts. Lacking the foresight to recognize our desires before they consume us.

We are broken shells of people craving our loves, passions, and desires.

We are the forgotten pieces of our Individuality, waiting to be remembered.