I woke up this morning to a still world; no birds, no breeze, just stillness. With that realization, I grew still as well; still and tired.
It doesn’t start off as an empty void, it starts small. Just a sudden change in my internal temperature, so to speak. My eyes change- that luminescent sparkle they’re known for fades- till they’re just dull; like the rest of me. Dull and tired.
I think I need a nap.
I’m not sure how much time has passed but my phone hasn’t gone off. no texts or calls. I’m not really surprised. it’s not like anything is happening in my life. all I do is push people away. it’s better that they don’t notice my absence.
I think I need a nap
My friends are making me go out today. They said the only way to cheer up is to be around people that care about me, but I already know how this is going to end. I’m going to find a corner and try to melt into it. Hopefully after they’ve had a few drinks no one will notice then I can leave.
I think I need a nap
My family says I need to snap out of it. They’re tired of the moping around. I can’t keep hiding from the world because adults face their problems head on. Whatever is bothering me should have passed by now. I could try to explain but what’s the point no one really listens. Plus I’m so very tired.
I think I need a nap
Even my puppy seems worried. She just crawled into bed with me and lays here with her wet nose pressed against my cheek. I love her so much. She doesn’t ask me for anything or demand that I change. She just lays here with me as I pet her. Her eyes sparkling. Maybe mine can too. but first
I think I need to get up