what if what I see isn’t real? what if what I feel is just a shadow? what if I’m not what I believe I am? what if you aren’t either? what if I can’t tell my story? what if there isn’t a story to tell? what if my mistakes have defined me? what if the lessons are NEVER learned as well? what if I grow old alone? what if I find the wrong one?

what if I keep making all the wrong choices?

what if I GIVE all I have and still accomplish nothing? what if I can’t tell my friends from my enemies? What if I’ve been searching for happiness in all the wrong places? what if I reach too high and fall on my overly plump ass? what if the world is really just trying to put me in my place? what if I’ve been the problem all along?





what if I’m right about all this? Who would tell me, who would know? what if there is no truth just the lies we tell ourselves? What if I’m slowly loosing my mind? What if I will never be the person I believe I can be? What if I never live UP to my greatest potential? What if I’m evil? What if I am alone?

What if I’m right?

YEAH, but what if I’m wrong.