I look up.

The cloudless night sky proudly displays tiny white lights slowly gliding along a beautiful deep black canvas.

I look out.

Those tiny specks speak to me.  They tell me that they  hold the truth of the universe if anyone was willing to listen. That they only appear to be small and close together. They only seem to be standing still.

I look deeper.

Those beautiful small specks of gaseous nothingness are suns. They have created and sustained life millions of light years away from our own. They can destroy galaxies leaving black holes nothing can escape. They are forces unto no one but themselves. They are destruction and creation. And I…

I look within.

…I was formed with that material. I am made of the same elements as stars, as suns. I was woven together with the same fibers that created the most beautifully power specks anyone has ever seen. Therefore, I can’t really be small or insignificant. I am of the stars.

And if a tiny speck can help produce me…

I wonder what I can create.