My hands tightly grip his as I cling for dear life. Letting go would be disastrous; we’d fall into a void that we have no idea how to navigate. So, we cling to each other, his nails digging into my skin drawing droplets of blood with every pulse of my ever quicken heartbeat.

Each pulse feels like acid is methodically coursing up my arm. I want to scream, but I can’t breathe. I hate him so much. All I can do is stare into his mostly dead eyes. I WANT TO LET GO…

but the void…so I cling harder.

I can feel his bones slowly snapping under the weight of my desperation. I know he’s in agony. I’d wonder what he is thinking, but I know… He wants to let go, to leave,

but the void… So, he claws deeper.

We spin out of control. Slowly destroying each other; too afraid to let go and face the void. I don’t know how long we can stay like this. I don’t know how much more I can take. I just know that I can’t let go…And neither it seems, can he.