Sometimes I feel like a leaf that the wind has taken on a wild ride. Constantly being tossed and thrown in whatever direction it desires. Terrified of what will happen when the wind eventually dies. Yet afraid to keep going.

I wonder if I really make my own choices. Are they the product of free will or just the overwhelming will to run. Run as fast and far as I can. Hoping to never meet whoever I’m running from.

Am I a collection of forgotten ideas and lost causes? Or just fear reacting to itself. Am I just a reaction? The end respond to a life running from ghost and failed dreams.

Is there a place in the world where these thoughts don’t follow me? I let them live in my head; taking up the space where my confidence, passion, and happiness once resided. I let them slowly smother me till only fragments, memories of light remain.

But a fragment, a spark, is all that is needed to rekindle a fire. So I watch as the embers burn low knowing that there is hope so long as something burns. Even if it’s just a little glow.