I’ve always loved butterflies. Not as much as unicorns or dragons of course, but I’ve loved them all the same. They’re one of the few real things that appear magical to me. This morning I woke up with a thought. “Are we all potential butterflies?”

The average persons doesn’t cares about butterfly eggs or larva, only butterflies. We see them and are in awe of their beauty and vibrant colors. We know they’re delicate so we are naturally careful around them, and we feel a sense of awe when one is near us.

But before a butterfly becomes that beautiful delicate creature. It’s a chubby puss bucket that looks incredibly gross and behaves rather gluttonously. It’s always eating, from it’s own shell to every leaf or plant just eating constantly eating. It does it naturally and honestly only a few people find this process interesting or exciting. And if we didn’t know that the end result was a butterfly we’d probably try to stop it. We’d try to prevent the larvae from consuming too much. We tell it to accept it’s lot in life or to eat smaller meals more often. We’d tell it to try to be something else, try something else. If we didn’t know the end result we’d tell it to stop being itself.

We all have something that we know we are meant to do; that makes us feel alive. But we may be surrounded by other species of larvae and butterflies. Ones that mature faster or look different and we let those butterflies determine our behavior. We don’t follow our instincts. We try to be things we aren’t to fit into a world that claims to value independence, confidence, and determination while simultaneously beating those traits out of us.

We live in a world full of so many different people with different ideas and beliefs. And everyone KNOWS that they believe is right because they FEEL it deeply. And maybe it is right… for them.

But we can’t know anyone else’s potential not till it’s realized. We look at other people and assume that they are suppose to be just like us, but what if they aren’t? History is littered with men and women who were different. Who were so different that they became revolutionary, but I bet those people weren’t the first ones with their ideas. I bet that there were others who believe what they did but were afraid, beating into submission, or murdered for being different. And yes I know that history also had some really bad eggs. People who grew up to be moths, or just basic creatures of destruction too. But what if those destructive beast came to power because we kept silencing the people that could have stopped them? We keep people chained to self doubt and fear of isolation, so we live and die as larvae.

If we didn’t know a larvae’s potential we’d judge them mercilessly, so maybe you’re a larvae. Surrounded by different species of butterflies or even other larvae who’ve been broken. Who are trying to be the wrong kind of butterfly. Maybe the reason things don’t feel like they fit is because you’re not being true to yourself. You’re not recognizing your own potential because you’re trying to be what someone else told you to be.

Not the beautifully vibrant butterfly you were destined to be.