They say.

Women shouldn’t express themselves that way.
There’s a correct way to disagree with people
She shouldn’t travel there alone.
Why are you being so emotional?
What will people think?

Are you sure you should make such a big decision alone?
Who’s the man in the relationship?
Do your parents approve of your choices?
Can I speak to your husband?
What will people think?

Why are you so aggressive?
You think you’re too good for him?
Isn’t that a man’s job?
When are you going to have children?
What will people think?

Don’t leave your drink unattended.
You could stand to loose a few pounds.
You can’t talk about your sex life
Is that what you’re wearing?
What will people think?

What will people think?

I say.

We live half lives as revivals
being a distraction for the masses
So that someone else can control us
Because we’re too concerned
With what people would think.

We could be teammates in this battle
Allies in the struggle for equality
We could be friends supporting each other
If we would choose to consider
What we would think.

If we can stop hating each other for thinking differently
Listen to the wisdom we’ve gathered.
And respect our individual voices.
We will be a force to be reckoned with-
Because we will create an example
of another way to think.

I want every little girl to know
She was meant for something greater
She does not have to live in anyone’s shadow
No matter what people tell her
Because one day she will be a woman
And she can decide what she wants to think.