Author: Tatiana

BHM Spoken Word

Spoken Word Poetry is poetry written to be performed. Traditionally, the poems are memorized. However, that was not required for this event.  Tatiana hosted this poetry performance as the culminating event of the Black History Month Calendar for 2022. This performance highlighted the array of poetic talent in the Black ex-pat community of Beijing, China.  ..

Hopelessly Tatiana Podcast

Hopelessly Tatiana now has a podcast!!! “Let's take a trip through hot topics, global issues, and relevant history. We are going to talk about ways we can all be better citizens, show each other more respect, and highlight different world views. We have one world; let's talk about how to live together in it.” If..

A Bad Day

The police chief said the shooter was having a bad dayA bad day?That day a man, with rage in his heart and lust in his loins Lashed out. Unable to control himself, unable to restrain his desiresHe let them loose-He murdered you.A bad day?That man lives, breaths, eats, survivesWhile you live on in memories and..

Another Way to Think

They say. Women shouldn’t express themselves that way.There’s a correct way to disagree with peopleShe shouldn’t travel there alone.Why are you being so emotional?What will people think? Are you sure you should make such a big decision alone?Who’s the man in the relationship?Do your parents approve of your choices?Can I speak to your husband?What will..

It’s Women’s History Month!!

Women’s History Month is a time we put aside to celebrate and empower women, but it is also a time to take action. Use this month to have uncomfortable conversations with people you know, read books you may never have heard of, and learn about women who set the stage for us today. We challenge..


I’ve always loved butterflies. Not as much as unicorns or dragons of course, but I’ve loved them all the same. They’re one of the few real things that appear magical to me. This morning I woke up with a thought. “Are we all potential butterflies?” The average persons doesn’t cares about butterfly eggs or larva,..

When we were Created

When we were created We were told that we were meant for something great. We were told we were created for a purpose And that purpose would find us. Because that purpose was us. That we would one day understand what we were created for it was inside us. They imparted their knowledge to us;..

Why did I trust you?

I don’t know my own feelings anymore. I thought I couldn’t trust them. They were telling me to run but I ignored them. I mean why should I run? You’ve been nothing but gracious and perfect. You’ve been supportive and kind. You’ve been mine. Why run? But they kept screaming at me to go; to..