A Bad Day

The police chief said the shooter was having a bad dayA bad day?That day a man, with rage in his heart and lust in his loins Lashed out. Unable to control himself, unable to restrain his desiresHe let them loose-He murdered you.A bad day?That man lives, breaths, eats, survivesWhile you live on in memories and..

Another Way to Think

They say. Women shouldn’t express themselves that way.There’s a correct way to disagree with peopleShe shouldn’t travel there alone.Why are you being so emotional?What will people think? Are you sure you should make such a big decision alone?Who’s the man in the relationship?Do your parents approve of your choices?Can I speak to your husband?What will..

When we were Created

When we were created We were told that we were meant for something great. We were told we were created for a purpose And that purpose would find us. Because that purpose was us. That we would one day understand what we were created for it was inside us. They imparted their knowledge to us;..

I Spiral too

I know September is almost over. But it’s mental health awareness month, and I didn’t want it to pass without saying something. As I’m sure most of you know I’ve had my own battles with mental health problems but this week was probably one of the worst. Like most Americans, I don’t like to talk..


Sometimes I feel like a leaf that the wind has taken on a wild ride. Constantly being tossed and thrown in whatever direction it desires. Terrified of what will happen when the wind eventually dies. Yet afraid to keep going. I wonder if I really make my own choices. Are they the product of free..

We Cling

My hands tightly grip his as I cling for dear life. Letting go would be disastrous; we’d fall into a void that we have no idea how to navigate. So, we cling to each other, his nails digging into my skin drawing droplets of blood with every pulse of my ever quicken heartbeat. Each pulse..

Tiny Specks

I look up. The cloudless night sky proudly displays tiny white lights slowly gliding along a beautiful deep black canvas. I look out. Those tiny specks speak to me.  They tell me that they  hold the truth of the universe if anyone was willing to listen. That they only appear to be small and close..


I met the most inspirational person. The kind of person that just being in thier presence makes you smile. They're smart, kind, ambitious, compassionate, and generous. They didn't stay long, didn't talk, but looking at them, looking into their beautiful brown eyes gave me hope. I saw what peace, joy, and understanding looks like, maybe..

What IF

what if what I see isn't real? what if what I feel is just a shadow? what if I'm not what I believe I am? what if you aren't either? what if I can't tell my story? what if there isn't a story to tell? what if my mistakes have defined me? what if the lessons..

I think I need

I woke up this morning to a still world; no birds, no breeze, just stillness. With that realization, I grew still as well; still and tired. It doesn't start off as an empty void, it starts small. Just a sudden change in my internal temperature, so to speak. My eyes change- that luminescent sparkle they're known for fades- till they're just dull;..