Why did I trust you?

I don’t know my own feelings anymore. I thought I couldn’t trust them. They were telling me to run but I ignored them. I mean why should I run? You’ve been nothing but gracious and perfect. You’ve been supportive and kind. You’ve been mine. Why run? But they kept screaming at me to go; to..

Stopping The Rain

She always loved the rain. It had the most amazing calming effect on her.  It was better than a day of yoga. Ever since she was little the rain always centered her. It brought her back to reality giving her a sense of perspective. She loved the way it sounded. She would close her eyes..

Higher Ground

I can hear the rain pelting the doors of my storm shed. Around me I see nothing but darkness. No windows. Just cracks for the air to come through. I have everything I need here. Food, water, warmth. Why bother going outside. Outside is nothing more than constant danger. Storm after storm threatening to take..